Getting the Most Out of Contracted Polymer Laboratory Testing

Over the years, The Polymer Lab has served customers from a wide array of industries including manufacturing, recycling, medical, aesthetics, and automotive. Our experience has shown us that communication and planning are key for establishing a testing plan that will best serve the customer’s needs at the best possible price. We thus offer free consultations which allows potential clients the opportunity to discuss in detail their testing needs and expectations. Feel free to call us anytime at our toll free number: 1-866-864-4902. Or visit our website to request a consultation or price quotation.

Our experienced polymer analysis staff knows that failure analysis projects are not always as simple as one hopes. In these cases, the more information the better. The root causes of part failure often comes more into focus when the back story of the issue is put together. We also find it helpful to learn as much as we can about the part and/or material to be tested. Combining this information with our years of experience in polymer analysis will allow us to fine tune our testing and analysis efforts, which can save time and money.

Conversely, sometimes an issue is more straightforward than the customer realizes! One test may be all that is required to answer more basic questions. The data provided by FT-Ir, DSC testing, or TGA analysis can be quite informative. In addition to the written report that is provided along with testing data, we are always available by phone or email for further discussion.

We realize that the technical expertise of our customer base varies. If you have a background in plastics testing and know specifically what it is you need let us know and we can provide you with a price quotation. Lead time for a price quotation is often less than one business day. Providing ASTM and/or ISO references is a great way to communicate exactly how testing should be carried out and reported.

Your plastics testing company can be an integral part of your quality control process. Choose a company with a reliable history, good service and fair pricing and you’ll be well on your way to having a better understanding of the plastics and polymers your product relies on.