Our Plastic Testing Capacities and Procedures

At The Polymer Lab, we pride ourselves in delivering the specific information that our customers require for all of their polymer and plastic testing needs. This often means completing several different tests on the samples we are provided.

Our Capabilities

To help our customers, we carefully select the tests that most effectively provide the information needed. This can include identifying the material, identifying any contamination that may be present, as well as doing degradation and crystalline analysis.

We can also provide other types of plastic testing This includes product failure analysis, process validation, and quality testing for ongoing quality assurance for production companies or OEMs.

Another important process is reverse engineering. This process allows our team to take an unknown sample and identify the resin from which the plastic is made. Reverse engineering can be very useful and can help our customers in their search for specific materials or plastic manufacturers.

Choosing A Plastic Testing Procedure

Based on what our customers require in the form of analysis and data, we then carefully select the best procedures to provide that information. In most cases, there may be several tests that are required to provide the full spectrum of information.

We do all of our testing on-site, including tests such as burn-off testing, to determine non-combustible elements in the plastic, as well as a melt-flow index, Fourier transform infrared spectrometry, differential scanning calorimetry, and thermogravimetric and microstructural analysis.

All our customers need to do is send in a small sample. If multiple tests are needed, we are happy to provide more information on the sample size we require. We have a turnaround time with most testing completed in three to five business days, but we also provide a rush service, just let us know and we will work to your specifications.