The Benefits of Plastics Testing and Identification

As a business owner, it is critical that you fully understand the product you sell to the public. Any components you use become part of your product, so it’s important that you have a complete understanding of all the pieces and parts that make up your final product. If you use plastic components, consider having these components tested to ensure you have a thorough detailing of every facet of your product. Here are four ways plastics identification and testing can help you improve your product.

  • You can determine if your products might have contamination. Plastics can be made up of several different materials. By fully understanding the makeup of the plastics used in your product, you can better pinpoint any problems or potential problems that might arise from contamination. Conversely, you can proactively ensure that your products are safe by ensuring all components are made from safe plastics.
  • You can determine the cause of product failure. If you’ve had product failure, it could come from any component. Understanding the makeup of your plastic components can help you determine if these might be the source of the failure.
  • You may be able to use additional vendors. Understanding the exact makeup of your product’s components can help you to choose other vendors for those components should the need arise. This flexibility helps you to prevent being in a bad situation if a vendor goes out of business and also helps you to potentially gain more competitive pricing for your product components.
  • You can determine the level of durability of your product. Understanding your plastic components may be key to understanding your product’s overall durability. For example, do you know at what temperature your plastic components will melt or become brittle? If you have a commitment to providing an especially durable product, this knowledge is very valuable.

Choose an experienced plastics identification lab to gain this knowledge about all the components of your product. The process for having your product tested is usually quite simple. You simply provide the testing lab with a sample of your product, and they will give you a detailed breakdown of all its materials. You’ll learn about durability, potential problems and any undesirable ingredients.

Once you’ve had this testing performed, you can rest easy knowing you have a full awareness of everything that’s in your product’s makeup. In addition, you have a baseline to compare against should any of your components change over time. This information is valuable to ensuring the consistency of your product.