The Challenges of Polymer Characterization

At The Polymer Lab, we specialize in polymer characterization as well as full testing services, using the latest in plastic and polymer analysis practices and techniques. Using state-of-the-art equipment, our highly trained and experienced technicians can perform the tests required to provide our customers with the information they require.

The Depth of Testing

While many people assume that polymer characterization is done only on a gross level to determine the composition of the material, the types of fillers, and the presence of impurities, there are various types of tests that can be completed. Each test provides greater insight into the performance and characteristics of the sample.

Based on what our customers require, the staff at The Polymer Lab can determine the characteristics of the polymer including the thermal stability, strength and mechanical properties, and the molecular structure and mass of the sample.

Complex Polymers

One of the biggest challenges for any testing facility is working with the increasingly more complex types of polymers that are being developed. Characterizing these advanced types of polymers means using the latest in testing methods and equipment. Often these types of polymers defy older methods of polymer characterization because they will present different results based on which test is used. Understanding this feature of these materials is critical to providing the most comprehensive and accurate results.

We focus on staying up-to-date on all testing practices and methods, which uniquely positions our team to work with the broad range of polymers. In addition, great care is taken to ensure the correct tests and techniques are used to provide the most accurate information at the most reasonable cost for our clients.