What To Look For In A Quality Polymer Analysis Laboratory

At The Polymer Lab, we work with clients in a wide range of industries to provide plastics testing. This is accomplished by first determining the best tests to use to analyze the material, and then carrying out the tests following standard protocols and procedures to deliver accurate results for every test we perform.

As a specialized polymer analysis laboratory, we only work with polymer-based materials, so we are able to focus our training, our testing and our equipment to zero in on the latest in technologies and research. This is a definite advantage for our clients, particularly with new and unique composites, as we have the skills and the procedures to identify even novel combination and materials.

Analysis Techniques

One of the most important questions to ask of any polymer analysis laboratory is about their testing capability and procedures.

There will be several different possibilities for analysis and choice of specific testing based on the type of polymer. The first step will typically be to determine the individual materials that make up the polymer, as well as identifying any possible contaminants that may be present.

Other capacities to look for include the ability to complete a degradation analysis as well as crystalline verification. We provide these services as well as offer reverse engineering and product failure analysis. This last service is instrumental in new product development or in quickly and accurately determining product failure or integrity issues in parts and components.

Trust in Professionalism

We believe in providing our clients with full information on all the procedures we use in our polymer analysis laboratory. The procedure or procedures will be selected based on the specific results required and the needs of clients through the analysis.

All of our clients will receive a full report on the data provided. We will indicate any reference materials used, and we can guarantee the results are accurate, repeatable and obtained using best practices and industry standard testing protocols and procedures.

Another factor we believe is very important in choosing a lab is to verify certification of the lab through ISO and ASTM testing specifications. We are members in good standing or affiliated with leading testing organizations including but not limited to the American Society for Testing Materials, the Association of Official Analytical Chemists and the International Confederation of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry.

Our lab also practices ongoing quality assurance, which means we can routinely test your polymer samples for quality or you can use us to help identify problems. Just get in touch and we can provide you the information needed to send your sample and get the testing process started.